Sony has announced the launch of an intelligent network camera that can detect unattended items and human movement.

The SNC-CS50P, is an intelligent Internet Protocol (IP) based network camera that is the first in a new generation that carries out the image processing inside the camera.

In what sounds like something that has come straight out of its now defunct robot laboratory, the camera is equipped with something Sony is calling Intelligent Object Detection.

Using this technology the camera is capable of detecting packages that have been abandoned and then delivering this information to a control room, hopefully removing the reliance upon a security guard seeing and responding to the object.

Intelligent Motion Detection, another technology has built into the camera, distinguishes between multiple subjects in motion and environmental conditions, such as swaying trees or moving water moving within the camera's detection range.

The SNC-CS50P supports JPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 and comes with a “Day/Night” function that permits the use of the SNC-CS50P in variable or poor light conditions.

The camera's other features include wireless and multicasting capabilities, IP filtering, an anti-tampering function, bi-directional audio and simultaneous access for up to 20 users.

There is no word as yet from Sony as to whether this will be made available to the public so you can use it in your home, or whether it is just for those in high places wanting to ensure our safety.

We will keep you posted.