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(Pocket-lint) - When new cameras launch it's typical for there to be a mass of new features to tempt existing users to upgrade. Unusually with the second-gen A9 full-frame camera, however, Sony seems to have taken a, let's say, much more subtle approach.

The Sony A9 II features the same 24-megapixel sensor as the original. It's got the same autofocus system too (a 693-point phase-detection system). The same 4K30p video capture is available too, missing out on 60fps.

So what is actually new in the A9 Mark II? Well, it's all about the pros, Sony says, with the company's conversations with active sports and media professionals working in the field heping to tailor the camera. That means there's an in-built 1000BASE-T Ethernet terminal, similar to what you'd find with a top-end Nikon or Canon DSLR.

Other changes are otherwise subtle. You can add voice memos to photo files. The grip has been improved for comfort, as have the buttons. The shutter is more durable than before and the body has better shake suppression based on its internal design. The Bionz processor is also updated for faster response, which means tweaks to the autofocus when shooting erratic subject movement.

Which is to say, in short, that the Sony A9 II isn't really that different from the original A9. It's clearly a camera for pros - and for that audience these small changes may make the investment worthwhile. But at £4,800 for the body, it's certainly not a small investment for a camera that, no doubt, is among the best on the market.


Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 3 October 2019.