(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced a range of devices during its press conference at MWC in Barcelona, among which was a new concept to add to its wearable tech line-up – the LifeLog camera.

The LifeLog camera will capture images as you go through life, creating a record of your life in image form - and it sounds very much like the Autographer camera that we've seen in the past.

Although just a concept at the moment, we got the chance to get our eyes on it and were surprised at how small it was. It was presented in a glass box so we couldn't get our hands on it, but it looks great so if the concept does become a reality, we wouldn't be ashamed to wear it.


We were told it could potentially be worn around your neck or wrist using the attached straps but there was little else in terms of detail. Displayed with a range of different concepts for the SmartBand, the idea was to present the "evolution of the smart wear system".


It looks as though it will be charged via Micro-USB and come in a range of colours with pink, yellow, turquoise and white on display in the glass case. There seems to be a small raised button on the side of the rectangular device which would presumably be to take an image.


Judging by the concept sample, it looks like it will be around 10mm thick, 20mm wide and 60mm tall, roughly.

Sony didn't give any indication as to when or if the LifeLog camera would be released for real but capturing our life in images sounds like it could be good fun.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.