First announced in August 2011, Sony's NEX-7 mirrorless interchangeable camera is due for a refresh. Sony now ready to offer a successor to the NEX-7, to be released early in 2014, according to Sony Alpha Rumors. 

The refresh is sure to excite camera fans looking for a new range-topping compact system camera. Sony Alpha Rumors, which seems confident in its timeline, doesn't offer any word on camera features. But earlier leaks this year indicated that the camera will remain largely unchanged from the original NEX-7 in terms of overall build, but will include the mount shifted 3mm to the left, a slightly larger grip and a slimmer rear screen. 

We were impressed with the NEX-7 when we reviewed it in 2011, noting a great OLED viewfinder and decent image quality at high resolution, but found poor low-light performance, which we hope is fixed in the next-generation.