No sooner has Sony announced its Alpha A7 compact system camera than another, considerably more expensive variant popped up. Hasselblad first collaborated with Sony on the Hasselblad Lunar, which seemed to use the NEX-7 as its bedrock, with the same E-mount lens fitting and OLED screen.

Now another has leaked, the Hasselblad Solar, which is being touted as an A7 clone. But with wooden extremities. And costing $10,000 (£6,187).

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Little else is known about the Solar, but if it does feature the same specifications as Sony's latest CSC it will have a 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, Fast Hybrid AF system, OLED viewfinder and LCD screen. Again, it will feature Sony's E-mount lens fitting.

So should you like the feel of a bit of a tree and the name of one of the most respected brands in photography, maybe you'll be happy to pay the extra £4,800 or so. Otherwise, you might just want to check out the original A7.

We would certainly advise waiting until more details are available.