(Pocket-lint) - Sony is reported to be lining up a new interchangeable lens camera, based on the E-mount system, which could launch as soon as 27 August.

The new camera is reported to be DSLR style, moving away from the NEX name which also uses the E-mount for its lenses.

The information, obtained by Sony Alpha Rumors, suggests that the new ILC-3000 will go up against Canon's entry-level EOS DSLR camera line, such as the EOS 700.

The important point is that it seems this will be the first E-mount camera that drops the widely known NEX name, forging a new product line of cameras that differentiates itself from the company's compact system NEX and the larger A-mount Alpha SLT series cameras.

That would also line this Sony camera up against the likes of the Olympus OM-D or the Panasonic Lumix G or GH models, offering a DSLR style of body, but with compact dimensions.

If the information is correct, we're guessing that ILC simply stands for "interchangeable lens camera", and it will use the NEX system's sensors and lenses, but offer a larger body, pronounced viewfinder and more conventional control dials and buttons and previous NEX models.

At the moment there's no confirmation, but with IFA 2013 on the horizon, we're expecting plenty of Sony launches come September.

We will keep you posted.

Writing by Chris Hall.