Reports coming from the camera press are suggesting that Sony will soon announce a full-frame NEX compact system camera.

Nicknamed the NEX-FF for now, the rumours say the new camera will be unveiled on 24 September and it will be the most compact digital interchangeable mount full-frame camera in the world.

Sonyalpha Rumors claims a "trusted source" revealed Sony's intentions, which included the fact that the Japanese manufacturer had been working for two years on the project. The source also said that Sony-Zeiss was working in collaboration with Olympus on the project.

Although it says other details are yet to be confirmed or validated from other sources, the site states that the new camera will have on-sensor stabilisation - the five-axis IS from Olympus - and will be in the price range of around the Sony Cybershot RX1 and RX1R series (body only). That puts it at about £2,500.

Two new Zeiss full-frame lenses will launch with the camera, says the site's source, and conventional E-mount lenses will work, but in crop mode.

More on this is expected to be revealed in time.