Another image of the rumoured Sony NEX-6 compact system camera has emerged, just weeks before international trade fair Photokina begins.

Though the image reveals little in terms of specs, it does show the Sony NEX-6 sitting next to three lenses, and looks like more concrete confirmation that the sub-NEX-7 model will come loaded with a mode dial on the top.

It’s the second wave of images claiming to be the Sony NEX-6 to emerge, though the last batch came with an alleged list of specs to boot. 

It’s also speculated that the viewfinder in the NEX-6 will be an LCD version, rather than the OLED one found in the Sony NEX-7. This should help keep the cost of this compact system camera down to less than the NEX-7's original launch price.

We're not totally sold on the design though: its edges do look a little boxy, almost Kryten-esque...

Pocket-lint will be in attendance at Photokina when it kicks off in Cologne on 18 September to bring you all the latest.