With trade shows Photokina and IFA around the corner (18-23 September and 31 August -5 September respectively), there is a lot of "chatter" out there about new product launches, from cameras to AV equipment. And that means there will be plenty of "leaks" in the interim.

The latest pictures to have made their way out of an employee or partner's digital suitcase and on to the 'net concern the latest in Sony's compact system camera range, the NEX-5R.

sony nex 5r compact system camera press images hit japan before launch image 2

It's actually the second time we've seen leaked pics of the Sony NEX-5R, the first coming from a Chinese source. However, these latest are press images so are as kosher as it comes.

What we heard last time is that - as with the NEX-5N, reviewed on Pocket-lint in November last year - the 5R will come with a 16.1-megapixel APS-C sensor that includes phase and contrast-detection autofocus. And that's proven with the wording on the back/top of the camera in the pics. There's also a rear thumbwheel to zip through the user interface.

It is also believed that the Sony NEX-5R will come with Wi-Fi connectivity for online sharing and app-based support, but we're still unsure of what form that will take.

sony nex 5r compact system camera press images hit japan before launch image 4

What do you think of these leaked pics? Does it look like Sony's improved its CSC range? Let us know in the comments below...

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