Sony has revealed a new HD camera that will record footage as seen from the user's eyes while keeping their hands free. The HD camera is worn around the head, giving viewers a sense of what the camera operator saw.

It’s geared towards sports enthusiasts and, with waterproof and "ruggedised" housing also available, extreme sports at that. Kitted with Sony’s SteadyShot image stabilisation technology, the camera should be able to maintain blur-free footage even when the user is moving at rapid speeds. 

Though no specific specs have been give in terms of weight, Sony promises that it’s light enough to almost go unnoticed by the wearer. The manufacturer has also fitted the HD camera with some impressive features. 

There’s an EXMOR R CMOS image sensor to help capture any low light shots, as well an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeis Tessar lens.

Sony has said that we should be seeing its High Definition Wearable Video Camera by Q3 of 2012, thought there’s been no mention of pricing.

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