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(Pocket-lint) - Sony have confirmed that the Sony NEX-7 kit, which includes the black 18-55mm lens, will become available towards the end of February. The lens was reportedly delayed due to flooding in Thailand in 2011.

So far if you've wanted to buy an NEX-7 you could only get the body (£999), and Sony confirmed they'd shifted about 200 NEX-7 models so far, but as yet they hadn't had the matching lens in stock.

Although the NEX-7 is compatible with existing NEX E-mount lenses, this will be the first time you've been able to buy the kit together. 

The kit can be yours for £1129, and we've noticed that Amazon has a date of 16 March on the kit being available, along with a small discount.

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If you're interested in squeezing the best quality out of your NEX-7, however, perhaps you'll opt for the Carl Zeiss E-mount 24mm F1.8 lens, which we also got our hands-on today. 

Pocket-lintsony nex 7 18 55mm black kit coming at the end of february  image 6

Priced at £839, however, this is one for those that really want the best from their camera. But it is also black too, so will match your NEX-7 perfectly. Naturally, we didn't get the chance to examine any shots from it, so we can't just how good the results are, but it feels extremely solid. 

Whilst waiting for stock to arrive, why not read our review of Sony's flagship NEX camera?

Writing by Chris Hall.