Sony's Bloggie has made an appearance at CES in two forms, one of which boasts a clever live broadcasting feature which lets your stream video straight from the camera. 

Clearly Sony thinks there is still a market for the Bloggie and with something like instant streaming, we have to agree. Similar to the UStream app, the Bloggie Live camera as it is known can shoot HD video and snap 12.8-megapixel stills. 

The streaming is done over a built-in Wi-Fi chip in the cameras and works alongside Qik video. On the back of the Bloggie Live camera is a 3-inch capacitive touch screen which will display comments being made on your video in real time as you are shooting it.

new sony bloggie cameras can stream video live image 2

Two copies of whatever you make will be stored, one in HD locally on the camera and one kept on Qik's website. Direct upload of video to things like YouTube and Facebook is possible straight from the camera.

The other Bloggie camera Sony has announced is the Sport, which is a much more rugged version of the handheld video snapper. It can sit in up to 16ft of water for an hour if you are so inclined and the camera's touch screen will also function under water. The clumsier among you will also be relieved to know that you can drop the camera from up to 5ft. It will ship in blue, black and red. 

The Bloggie Live will arrive with 8GB of internal storage priced in at $250, the Sport will ship with 4GB and cost $180. Expect a February release date for both. 

Update: The Bloggie Sport should be priced in at around £180 in the UK. 

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