A new Sony Bloggie camcorder complete with Wi-Fi could be in the wings, as an FCC filing has been spotted with details referring to the device and a name: Sony calling it the "Mobile HD Snap" (MHS-TS55).

The new Sony Snap camcorder will also receive the interesting addition off Wi-Fi meaning that any footage you take could be miraculously transferred onto the Internet - Facebook etc. - at, presumably, a touch of a button. There may even be a place for the ability to live stream content.

There isn't much detail in terms of specs, but 1080p is likely and reference to existing models should mean the new Mobile Snap HD sits at the higher end of the market.

However, considering the current difficulties that Sony is experiencing and the demise of one of the major players in the pocket-cam market - Flip - it's perhaps a tough ask for such a device to make any real headway. Especially as currently the majority seem obsessed with smartphones, which provides a degree of portable video functionality - some in HD.

Still, it looks like a nice piece of kit and we expect there will be more on this come CES in January 2012.