Sony’s UK digital imaging marketing manager, Andreas Georghiades, has clarified the situation over the company’s Alpha NEX-3 camera, while hinting that more snappers could be on the way.

“The camera wasn’t cancelled,” Georghiades told Pocket-lint at this year’s Focus On Imaging show in Birmingham, after we asked what was going on with the model launched last year. “It’s more of a case that we made the amount that we wanted to make and then stopped production.”

The comments clarify rumours circling the web that the company had canned the camera after it halted production in Japan in February.

Earlier in the month, Sony officially told us, “With regards to your query about the NEX-3  - production for Japan has finished and no other information is available at this moment.”

Sony says that those who want the interchangeable lens-sporting camera will still be able to pick it up for the time being. Plenty of stock is still in stores, which should last for the next 2 months.

After that... Well, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Sony to launch a follow up, something that Georghiades chuckled at when we put it to him.

Could that mean new models on the horizon (the NEX-3 will be 1 year old in May)? While Sony wouldn’t officially spill any of the beans, we expect that it probably does mean just that.