Sony has just launched the Alpha A33 and Alpha A55 models packing its new translucent mirror technology, and guess what? Pocket-lint was on hand to snap the new models at the exclusive UK launch.

As you can see from the new models, the cameras look like a regular DSLR, however they both include a number of new technologies for the industry and Sony.

The main event is a clever translucent mirror which Sony claims is the "key to the performance of the camera".

"We've never been happy with any of the solutions available on the market, Paul Genge, Sony's technical marketing manager told journalists.

The new technology means that users will be able to create a Gatling gun approach to photography, snapping 10 frames per second.

But it's not just about snapping pictures. Sony is hoping that people will be impressed by the cameras new video recording mode that offers constant auto-focusing and tracking of objects at up to 50kph.

Add in a new electronic viewfinder, that acts as a heads up display, a swivel "angle tilt" LCD screen on the back and HDMI out, and you shouldn't have too much trouble sharing images.

All this and GPS as well.

The new A33 with kit lens will cost between £600 - £700, while the A55 with kit lens will cost £700 - £800

In the hand and that gatling gun shooting mode is just that, with a maximum buffer of about 23 shots before it all grinds to a halt. As for the electronic viewfinder offering, it's certainly in our brief play indoors enough to impress without falling in the usual trap of not actually being that good.

And yes before you ask with the 15 point AF, the on screen spirit level and other details going on will make you feel like you are flying a fighter plane.

The Alpha 33 will be shipping at the start of September, the Alpha 55 will be late September.