Depending on which article you read on Sony Alpha Rumours, Sony will either launch two or four cameras on the 24 August; The A560, the A580, the A33, and the A55.

The camera site that tracks just that, is putting a number of factors together, combined with a number of official looking press shots and a leaked invite in Belgium to give us what is reportedly all the information before Sony does.

So what's to know so far? Well two of the four will be the Sony Alpha A560 and the Sony Alpha A580.

Both models are classic DSLR cameras with the A560 sporting a 14-megapixel sensor and the A580 a 16-megapixel one.

Other features supposedly coming include an ISO range of 100-12800, 1080i video recording capabilities, 15 AF points, some of them cross-point, 5 fps in burst mode, dual memory slots (MemoryStick and SD), and a swivel display.

The A55 and A33 cameras on the other hand, also expected for 24 August will feature a fixed mirror design.

"Unlike current DSLR who's mirrors move up and out of the way to take a picture, a Pellicle or Pellix mirror stays in place", describes NikoDoby over at Nikonrumours. "It's semi transparent so the image is projected up into the viewfinder and transparent enough to allow the sensor to be exposed. The advantage is 10fps or more and the sensor is protected from dust. It's also inherently quiet since there's no mirror slap. The disadvantage is a dimmer viewfinder and a small loss of light to the sensor (2/3 stop?). Also the mirror has to be spotless now since the photo is exposed through it".

SonyAlphaRumours is also claiming the "cameras should use a 1.44 megapixel (OLED???) EVF with built-in virtual horizon!" allowing full Live View mode without the shutter getting in the way.

See you on the 24 August to see if the rumours were true.