Sony announced their Cyber-shot WX5 and TX9 models earlier in the month and we managed to get our hands on them yesterday, as well as seeing one of their hot new features (also on the NEX models) which will let you use their Sweep Panorama to capture a 3D image.

Eagle-eyed Pocket-linteers will notice the 3D position on the shooting dial on the rear of the WX5 in the pictures. This doesn't give you the full range of 3D shooting like Fujifilm's FinePix Real 3D W1 will, but offers an interesting and fun feature.

It essentially uses the Sweep Panorama to movement to get the bead on different dimensions of the scene in front of you to create the 3D effect. You have to move the camera for it to work and then display it on a compatible device – the camera itself doesn't have a 3D screen on it.

You'll also spot the mini HDMI on the side of the WX5 – connect this to your 3D enabled television and you'll be able to view the image in 2D or 3D filling the screen, or you can play it back full-screen so it pans across the display.

Sony also told us that you'll be able to stick the memory card into your PS3 and use that to play images in 3D too, once that firmware update arrives.

This is going to be a hit at parties and works well when you have a room full of people. We did notice some hollow heads and those at the front did look a little like cardboard cut-outs, but it’s a lot of fun. Of course, you'll need a stack of 3D glasses too for all your guests…

The feature is available on the WX5 and the TX9, both pictured here in our hands-on gallery. The WX5 is the first model with the extending lens, the TX9 is the flat fronted one. More details on both cameras can be found here.