Sony's Dash radio alarm clock  - come rss feed reader/weather device - that is currently only available in the US is now still only currently available in the US.

The difference, however, is that Sony, whilst not moving to sell the Dash outside of the US just yet, has opened up the restrictions previously in place, meaning it will now work outside of the US.

That means if you've got friends that have been bragging about how good their early morning wakeup is with the Sony Dash, you can get them to buy you one and send it to you if you happen to live outside the United States of America.

"I have great news to share as the restrictions that prevented Dash from initializing and working outside of the USA has been removed. W00T!" said Gina (whoever she might be) on one of Sony's many blogs.

"Just a quick note however that Dash is still primarily intended for use in the United States (only sold in the states) and the availability of apps and services will vary by region", Gina goes on to warn. "For instance many providers automatically geo-filter their content so your experience with your Dash may vary depending on your location".

There you have it. Not available to buy, but at least it will now work outside of the US for those on holiday or wanting to experience the same joy as our American cousins when it comes to waking up.