Sony has continued its charm offensive on the DSLR market with the launch of the Sony Alpha 450. This latest snapper is an enthusiast's entry-level model. That is, it's low end as far as DSLRs go but there's still plenty of features to play with and a certain amount of power to back it up too.

Sony continues the marriage between the BIONZ processor and Exmor CMOS sensor, in this case good for 14.2 megapixels of effective resolution. The Alpha 450 has a healthy ISO range sensitive to low light up to ISO 12800 and the power comes in the 5fps standard shooting, which goes up to 7fps so long as you're happy to have the exposure fixed by the first shot of the volley.

The camera features a fairly standard 9-point AF system and 2.7-inch LCD display on the back, but the other touches that might sit it slightly ahead of some, other entry-level models, are the manual focus trim, the 4-step image stabilisation, the high dynamic range shooting mode, the fact that you get over 1000 shots per charge and the quite reasonable image editing software that Sony's throwing in as well. Not a bad package by the sounds of things.

The Sony Alpha 450 is out from the beginning of next month and, yes, it is compatible with SD/SDHC cards as well as the Sony proprietary memory sticks. Prices when we get them.