We had our hands on Samsung's new WB5000 ultrazoom at a recent Samsung event and grabbed a few shots of the new camera.

A spokesman for Samsung told us that by launching themselves into the "bridge" category they were aiming to establish Samsung as a camera brand to be taken seriously.

From having our hands on the WB5000, at first glance, we'd say they have something special here. First up it is compact, and second it is light, so those who want the convenience of a bridge model should take a look.

With a 12.5-megapixel sensor and a 24x zoom, it has all the normal auto modes plus a full manual control and the option of RAW shooting. It also records HD video of the 720p variety.

The compact size is partly due to the use of a Li-ion battery rather than AAs found in many rivals.

We were told it would be out mid-November, but Samsung is now saying September and it is expected to cost £349.