Samsung has upped the ante of crazy technological advances in the world of digital cameras with the announcement of two new models that feature not one, but two LCD screens.

Breaking ahead of the official announcement, which was scheduled for first thing Thursday morning in the US, Cnet Asia is reporting that the two new models - the ST550 and ST500 will feature an LCD on the front for self-portrait shooting and displaying exposure information.

Still keeping the screen on the back for regular shooting, the 1.5-inch front display will be aimed at appealing to those who love snapping themselves as well as playing back a cute animation to capture kids' attention when taking their pictures.

Specs for the cameras, as you might imagine, are the usual state of the art affair with both sporting 12 megapixel sensors and a 3.5-inch touchscreen display.

Pricing for the duo have not been released, but the ST550 and ST500 are expected to be available in Singapore later this month.

Pocket-lint will be attending a Samsung camera press event in New York on Thursday Morning (around 3pm in the UK) which is expected to release further information about the cameras.

Expect more details, photos and hands on reports as we get it.

Thanks John

UPDATE: The page has since been pulled