Samsung is bringing the HMX-R10, debuted at CES, to the UK it confirmed on Tuesday at the company's European Forum in Vienna, and Pocket-lint was there to snap the new camcorder up close and personal.

Samsung's new HMX-R10, which is a CMOS-based full-HD digital camcorder is capable of capturing 9-megapixel digital still photos and offers a 5x optical zoom and swivelling 2.7-inch touch screen LCD.

Interestingly the HMX-R10 also offers an ergonomic form factor that Samsung says allows users to hold the camcorder more comfortably. With the lens angled at 25 degrees, the company says the user can grip the camcorder in a more relaxed manner reducing wrist stress.

The camcorder also features a HD Time Lapse recording mode that will record a single image at an interval pre-selected by the user, either 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 30 seconds, and will save each image as one single movie file.