Samsung has launched the WB550 and WB100 cameras, both boasting "world-first technology" from their compact shells.

The WB100 model features a rather regular 5x optical zoom and 24mm ultra wide lens, but breaks ground in the compact camera category by featuring the world's first 3-inch VGA AMOLED screen.

The organic LED screen provides better contrast and brighter colours than the conventional TFT LCD, and the 960k pixel packed screen also promises "fantastic detail" both when framing the shot and in playback.

As for the new WB550, it boasts a world first 10x optical zoom and 24mm ultra wide angle Schneider lens, a lens previously found only in the camera's predecessor, the WB500.

Both the WB550 and WB100 are 12-megapixel snappers with HD movie capture, and include features such as "Smart Auto" scene recognition, dual image stabilisation, face detection and an option for full manual control.

This means users in the know will be able to manually set things such as aperture priority and shutter priority, as well as benefit from full manual shooting modes.

Samsung also includes its unique "Advanced Picture" mode in the WB100, which will allow users to fine tune colour tones in their saved images by adjusting the colour temperature or configuring the camera's colour space shift.

The "Smart Album" feature will allow users to store and manage their photos more intelligently, with automatic organisation possible based on the date, where they were taken, their contents, colour or themes.

The WB550 will be available in black and dark grey, and the WB100 in black and silver. Both cameras will be available from April this year, priced at £299 and £329 respectively.