Clocking up more "world firsts" in its CES 2009 line-up, Samsung has launched the WB500, a compact camera that boasts a 10x optical zoom and a 24mm ultra wide lens.

Entering what Samsung describes as the "high-zoom category", the 10-megapixel camera's 10x zoom will certainly be a plus point for those looking for a compact with the zooming capability of an albeit lower-level, DSLR.

The WB500 features HD movie capture capability, as well as Samsung's Smart Scene Recognition technology, dual image stabilisation (optical and digital) and face detection. It has a highly sensitive ISO 3200 and Samsung's Perfect Portrait system as well, ensuring your snaps will be bright, no matter the light conditions.

Similar to the ST10, the WB500 also includes the Angle/Composition Guide to ensure you never get dodgy holiday snaps from "helpful" strangers again, and an integrated digital contents management system means you can have your photos organised automatically, based on date, contents, themes or even colours.

The WB500, priced at £229, will be available sometime this month, with no exact date confirmed as yet.