Samsung has announced the new ST10, the world's first camera to feature face recognition technology, combined with a Haptic Interface.

Integrated into a 3-inch HVGA touchscreen, users will feel physical feedback (i.e a vibrating sensation that will let you know you have pressed something) that Samsung says will give a "feel for greater control" over the camera's functions.

However it's the face recognition system in the 9-megapixel ST10 that Samsung really want to boast about. The technology actually recognises the people you're taking photos of, and then prioritises the friends and family you photograph the most. The camera can automatically classify photos according to who is in them, making it easier for you to find photos with certain people in them.

Additions to the face recognition are features such as smile shutter mode, which will only take a photo when a smile is detected on a recognised person, and blink shutter mode, that will immediately take another shot if any recognised face blinks.

Other features on the ST10 include an in-built Personal Multimedia Player with integrated MP3 player, Digital Image Stabilisation and Samsung's new "Smart Scene Recognition" with 11 different picture pre-settings.

A nice addition is the Angle/Composition Guide setting which will be handy when asking people to take your photo on holiday. Simply take a ghost picture of your desired shot and a template will be displayed when you pass the camera over to them, making sure you get the shot you want.

The ST10 will be available in a number of colours and is due to hit our shelves in February, priced at £179.