Samsung has made two additions to the NV series - and the lower end model is the NV9.

The NV9 is built around a 10.2-megapixel sensor, and it offers a 5x optical zoom lens, intelligent 2.7-inch LCD screen and light sensitivity up to ISO 3200.

Tools include Dual Image Stabilisation, and Auto Contrast Balance (ACB) which will correct shadows.

One of the unique features on the NV9 are the Mini-Dashboard status gauges, which show how full the camera's battery and memory card is.

Also worth a mention - the NV9 has MJPEG Movie recording at 30fps, an inbuilt MP3 player and a Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) to watch downloaded movies.

It also offers Samsung’s new Perfect Portrait System which includes Face Detection, a Blink Detection Mode (so you can actually captured your mates with their eyes open); Smile Mode and Beauty Shot mode in which facial skin is retouched for a brighter and smoother skin tone.

The NV9 is priced £179 and will hit the shleves in August.