Samsung Cameras has launched the 8.1-megapixel i85 digital compact camera.

The multi-tasking i85 comes equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, an integrated MP3 player and PMP functionality.

The camera side of things gets the the Samsung Advanced Shake Reduction system and ISO 1600 high sensitivity as well as Samsung's Intelligent Face Recognition Technology, there's a 5x optical zoom and movie recording abilities too.

The PMP angle will work with the supplied Samsung software to transfer files to the device via USB. It can play DixX, MP3 music, has 450MB of internal memory and boasts built-in virtual surround sound speakers

Slightly out of left field, the i85 includes an integrated "World Tour Guide" function that provides instant access to travel information covering 2600 regions in 30 countries.

The tour guides comprise of information and images for which you can navigate around using the touchscreen interface, it's not GPS-based, just a database of info you can chose to expand with downloads.

The i85 will be £229 and will be available from the end of August.