Samsung Cameras unveils the L77 - the World’s thinnest 7-megapixel/7x optical zoom lens camera

Samsung famous for the World's slimmest phones has moved on to creating the world slimmest cameras.

Samsung has announced the launch of the 7 megapixel L77, equipped with a 7x internal optical zoom lens it's just wide.

The L77 has a 2.5-inch TFT LCD for bright and clear viewing of images taken, and comes equipped with Samsung’s ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) image stabilisation system to ensure the best shots are achieved even in dimly lit conditions.

At 30fps, the sleek L77 can easily capture moving action and is able to record in MPEG4 VGA for TV-quality film clips. For added convenience, editing film clips and photographs is possible through the L77’s in-built editing capabilities.

The Samsung L77 - the World’s slimmest 7 megapixel/7x optical zoom lens camera will be available from April 2007 a price is still to be confirmed.