Samsung has launched six new camcorders at CES, and is therefore keeping up with Canon and Sony.

They include both miniDV and DVD models, but no HDD or high-definition ones.

First there's the SC-D372 miniDV camcorder that boasts a 34x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, and a CCD that measures 680,000 pixels; it will be available in March for a reasonable $270.

Then there's the SC-MX10 micro camcorder, with an ultra compact design. It records to DivX, which is becoming a more mainstream feature on most camcorders, and also has a 34x zoom. It records to SD card, and costs slightly more, at $320, but won't be available until September.

There's also the SC-DC575 DVD to look forward to. Apart from recording to writeable DVDs, it also records to various memory cards, and will go on sale for about $450 in May. It has a generous 28x zoom, shoots 1MP stills – even your cameraphone could do better – and has a 2.7-inch LCD.

Samsung has also announced another DivX recording camcorder, the SC-X300. It shoots 720 x 480 at 30fps, and features a 10x zoom. Also in the SC range is the DX10, which records to either 4GB flash drive or to DVD, and zooms up to 26x. The former will retail for around $480, the latter for $630.

Finally, there's the SC-HMX10 camcorder, available not until September for around $850. It feaures 4GB of on board memory, a 10x optical zoom, and an SD card slot.