The other cameras released by Samsung at CES are the L3, L700, and the i70.

All three feature different styling, but the L3 and the L700 have similar specifications, both with 7MP sensors and 3x zooms.

The L73 is also equipped with Smart Touch technology, like the NV range of cameras, and comes in black or silver. It, too, features Intelligent Face Recognition, as well as Wise Shot, which takes two pictures in quick succession, one with and one without flash so that you can compare and decide which look you prefer.

Like the L73, the L700 offers a 2.5-inch display on the back, but can record MPEG4 video at 30fps, and lets you use the 3x optical zoom while doing so.

And finally, there's the i70, designed to be much more than just a compact camera. With a 7MP sensor and 3x optical zoom, it has a generous 3-inch LCD on the back, and a nine-button user interface that is only visible with the cover slide back.

The i70 can function as a portable media player, with MP3 and video playback support. It even displays text so you can read while listening to music.

Presumably price will set these camera apart from each other, but at the moment, prices have not been released.