Details are still sketchy but Samsung, along with launching a plethora of products today at CeBIT in Hannover, has launched a a new digital photo frame for users to share their images on.

The new photo frame is aimed at making it easy to view digital pictures without the fuss of printing them out. The device, which shows pictures taken with phones or digital cameras on its built in LCD screen, removes the need, says Samsung, for printing or storing of hard copy photos in bulky photo albums.

According to the press release, the frame can be used with an internet service enabling the user to upload pictures taken with a digital or phone camera, and to send them to another user's digital photo frame similar to the Ceiva Digital Photo Receiver we reported in January, however there is no further details of how this actually works.

Samsung is also saying that direct transmission from a phone to the digital photo frame is also possible, depending on the service type, but again there is no mention of whether or not this is via Bluetooth or infrared.

We will keep you posted.