Samsung has announced the release of what it is calling the world's first Personal Media Player camera and a new range of budget models.

The PMP camera is the i6 PMP, and the new model is only 18.5mm thick. The multimedia functions come in the shape of an upgraded MP3 and the addition of a personal media player function.

According to Samsung, the camera can play MP3 music files and also video files (which the company has yet to specify) by using the conversion software supplied with the camera. The user can even take pictures whilst listening to music.

The i6 also has ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) and has its own movie editing function, 1cm super-macro, and a cradle for charging and image transfer.

Samsung has also simultaneously launched the point and shoot 'S' series.

The 'S' series is aimed at the budget end of the market and will come in 5, 6, and 8 megapixels versions and in either silver or black colouring.

The 'S' series also comes with an Effect Key allowing the user to adjust the colour of the photos being taken and also add various creative effects.

Samsung's 'S' series and 'i6 PMP' cameras are expected to hit the market in early 2006.