Samsung has released a multi-function camcorder that promises six functions in one small unit.

Pitched as the “Swiss Army Knife” of camcorders the VP-M105/110 that is as small and light as a cigarette pack, will play your favorite song, be a voice recorder, web cam, store data, take pictures and of course record movies.

The camera will come with 512Mb or 1Gb on internal memory although you will be able to increase this via the memory stick pro slot. Images will be captured in MPEG4 standard (720x480, 30 fps for NTSC and 20 fps for PAL sets).

The camera will also come with a 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom lens and capture images via its .8 megapixel CCD.

Viewing your images is via the 2in LCD display. The camera will also feature PictBridge support for direct printing and come with a DivX encoder.