Samsung has launched seven new additions to its Digimax range: the Digimax 530, 430, 401, 370, 301, 250, 202. The cameras range from 5 mega pixels to 2 mega pixels offer a host of features. UK pricing and available it yet to be confirmmed

Digimax 530

The 530 is a 5 mega pixel model that offers a 3x optical and 4x digital zoom. Images are viewed via the 1.5” TFT LCD display and the camera features multiple flash, picture and white balance settings. Housing 32Mb of intenal memory the camera also supports the SD/MMC memory format.

Digimax 430

4 mega pixels and 2.8x optical and 4x digital zoom. The 430 like the 530 has a 1.5” TFT LCD display and multiple flash, picture and white balance settings The Digimax 430 has 32MB of internal memory, and also features a built in Multi Memory Card Slot that is memory Stick Duo and SD/MMC compatible. The camera ships with a 32MB SD memory card, providing users with 64MB of memory that's ready to use right out of the box.

Digimax 370

Featuring a 3x optical and 4x digital zoom, the Samsung Digimax 370 is the only compact digital. With its combination mechanical and electrical shutter, the camera has a top shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second, and can capture long exposures up to one second, while its night mode extends the picture taking duration up to 16 seconds. The Digimax 370 features a customizable "My Set" option in addition to its pre-programmed settings, which allows the user to customize the camera's multitude of settings to meet their individual preferences or needs. The 370 also features Samsung's Creative RGB Color Effect mode allowing users to adjust and customize the levels of red, green and blue in all of the images stored on the camera.

Digimax 250

The Digimax 250 is a compact, 2.1 megapixel digital camera with 2x optical and 2x digital zoom, still and video image capture capabilities and a host of additional features and functions. Images can be stored on the camera's 6.0 MB of internal flash memory, or on an external SD/MMC card. The movie mode offers 320 x 240 maximum resolution at 15fps. Recording time is limited only by the capacity of the external memory card in use at the time. A pause feature in movie clip mode, provides users with control over the video clips they capture.

Digimax 401, 301, and 202

At 4.0, 3.14 and 2.0 effective megapixels respectively, the Digimax 401, 301 and 202 combine to form a new range of entry level compact digital still cameras designed specifically for first time users.

Approximate street prices in the US will be $179.99 for the 401, $129.99 for the 301 and $99.99 for the 202. Pricing has yet to be confirmed for the UK.
All three cameras measure just 98 x 38 x 51 mm, and all offer a double self timer feature that allows users to set the camera's automatic timer to take a photo after ten seconds, followed by another photo just two seconds later.

The Digimax 401 offers a 4x digital zoom, while the 301 features a 3x digital zoom and the Digimax 202 a 2x zoom. Both also allow users to attach voice memos to still images and capture high quality video clips with sound at a maximum rate of 20fps. Both offer multiple flash, picture and white balance settings.

All Samsung Digimax cameras come equipped with Mass Storage Driver, MGI PhotoSuite and Digimax Viewer software applications.