(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's working on a new product for Gear VR. It's a camera that looks like a robot vacuum mounted to a tripod.

During its second annual developers conference in San Francisco, Samsung announced Project Beyond, a camera that not only captures 360-degree views but also in 3D. The product, which does not yet have a price or release date, is meant to work with Samsung's upcoming Gear VR headset expected to launch in early December.

Project Beyond is the latest camera to hop on the 360-degree video camera trend. Kodak, for instance, recently launched the Pixpro SP360. Samsung's product is unique however in that it is capable of capturing footage in 3D as well as a gigabit of data every second. It also features livestream capabilities over bandwidth.

Other features include stereoscopic cameras and the ability to wirelessly send images to Gear VR, allowing you to remotely immerse yourself in wherever the camera is positioned. You could set it outside, for instance, and then, from elsewhere, you could navigate as if you were in that location by simply wearing Samsung's virtual reality headset.

Apart from Project Beyond, Samsung also announced that an Oculus-powered Gear VR Innovator Edition, which requires the Samsung Galaxy Note's 5.7-inch screen as a display, will launch in early December.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.