(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has taken an even more pro turn with its NX-series compact system camera line, unveiling the new NX1 model at Photokina 2014.

The NX1 is all about speed. Its brand new 28-megapixel sensor has 205 phase-detection autofocus points paired with 209 contrast-detection areas that, the company claims, delivers world class autofocus speed - snapping a subject into focus in just 0.055-seconds. This NX AF System III has more detection points total than any other camera on the market today.

Under the hood the NX1's APS-C size 28-megapixel sensor is back-side illuminated (BSI) - a first for a sensor of this size. This makes for a cleaner light signal for better image-to-noise ratio and once paired with the DRIMe V Image Processor means here's plenty of processing power to render shots from ISO 100-25,600. Or, if you really need it then ISO 51,200 (extended) is available. With new processing algorithms specifically for the NX1, Samsung claims that image noise is reduced without the softening typical of other competitors' global noise reduction technologies. 

Add best-in-class 15 frames per second burst shooting with continuous and that speed theme continues. That's faster than any equivalent camera, even quick enough to match many pro-spec DSLRs - if the results are as good as Samsung claims they are, of course. But not only that, Samsung Auto Shot has an algorithm that auto-detects moving subjects within the frame and can predict and automatically capture focus at the precise moment.

Unlike most of the competition (Panasonic Lumix GH4 aside) the Samsung NX1 can also capture 4K video directly onto SD card within the camera. The AF System III is also able to operate during capture for smooth autofocus.

Add a dust- and water-resistant magnesium alloy body alongside a 3-inch, 1,046k-dot tilt-angle AMOLED screen and built-in 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder and the NX1 is the full package. The viewfinder is said to cut lag time to a near-instant 0.005-seconds (down from the typical 0.042ms), so what you see should be exactly what you get to shoot without delays.

If you're after a DSLR-style replacement then the NX1 sets Samsung firmly down that path. The 138.5 x 102.3 x 65.8mm body size and large APS-C sensor both see to that. But with that comes plenty of pro features - including lens availability, as the also-new NX-mount 50-150mm f/2.8 lens can attest.

No final price or release date has been set just yet, but based on that specification we're fairly confident the Samsung NX1 will be priced around £1,299 body-only (just like the Panasonic Lumix GH4). More information as and when we have it.

Writing by Mike Lowe.