Samsung has unveiled the NX mini SMART camera, which it claims is the world's slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera - built for selfies and portability.

The NX mini features a 3-inch flip up and touch display, so you can point the camera at yourself and take the ultimate picture. Inside, there's a 20.5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, 6fps continuous shooting, and 1/16000 second shutter speed.

There's several lenses available for the mirrorless NX mini, including a 9mm f/3.5 lens bundled for $449, and a 9 - 27mm zoom lens with flash for $549. A bit of style isn't lacking for the NX mini, as Samsung is shipping it in white, pink, mint green, brown, and black.

Samsung has included NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities to share photos on the go through the NX mini's software. "Its lightweight design also means that it can slip in a pocket, for photography anywhere and everywhere," Samsung brags.