Samsung has teamed up with Getty Images to create the NX Rover project. The aim is to allow wannabe photographers to shoot all over the world by remotely controlling the robot.

The Tate already proposed a similar project that will allow people to wander around the museum at night in the body of a robot.

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Based on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover the Samsung NX Rover was built to transport users all over the world. Armed with a Samsung NX camera and wireless 4G connectivity users will be able to sign up for a chance to control the NX Rover.

The NX Rover is due to visit some of the world's most exciting and visually stimulating events. The website dedicated to the NX Rover project has guides from expert photographers on how to shoot better.

So if you want to get behind the controls of the 20.3-megapixel might of the NX Rover head over to the link below and sign up.

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