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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has lifted the lid on its latest compact system camera: the NX300M. Eagle-eyed readers will think that reads a lot like the existing NX300. It is, after all, the same name with an M plonked on the end. What does it all mean?

In short the NX300M is the same as the NX300, albeit that its 3.31-inch OLED screen that can now swoop around from flat-on-the-back through 180-degrees to face forward for those all-important selfies. It's not hinged to the side like some competitor cameras, which helps to save on physical space.

Elsewhere specs are a carbon copy of the NX300: 20.3-megapixels of goodness from that APS-C sized sensor, catering for ISO sensitivities from 100 through to 25,600; 8.6 frames per second continuous shooting; in-camera Wi-Fi for sharing those pics and even NFC (near field communication) for one-touching pairing and sharing.

Which is all pretty good, considering we found the NX300 to be rather marvellous in the performance and quality departments.

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We're yet to find out more info about the possibility of a UK release, but chances sound a little slim. The all-white model and Korean-site-only information would suggest this is one to be targeted at the Asian markets. At present there is only source for South Korean pricing, set at 890,000 won (around £520). Give that a shake-up in the global economy stakes and we wouldn't be surprised if a more real-world price of £629 surfaced. If, that is, the NX300M ever makes it to UK shores.

Writing by Mike Lowe.