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(Pocket-lint) - News broke earlier on Thursday  that Samsung would soon unveil a mirrorless camera, and now the first leaked picture of the device might have already surfaced and derailed rumours that it is replacing the Galaxy Camera. 

The upcoming Android-powered camera was thought to go by Galaxy Camera 2 or the Galaxy Camera NX, but TechTastic, which first published the leak, has sided with the Galaxy NX. The site also provided the model number EK-GN120 and originally thought it would follow up the first-generation Galaxy Camera from 2012.

However, TechTastic realised on Thursday that leak was different and had the product name GN100/120. It would have the name GC100/120 if it were actually a Galaxy Camera successor. In other words, the leak is likely a NX device.

In addition, as Slash Gear noted, the leaked picture further indicates the device will "split in one direction – up towards this larger model – and in another – down toward the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom".

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With that said, the forthcoming Galaxy NX might still sport Android. Rumours that Samsung wants to push Android into its NX line have swirled around since 2012, so the leaked picture is most likely the mirrorless camera that will unveil at Samsung's event later this month.

Aside from the leak, there is still a lot of grey area about the NX camera. It's rumoured to have a 20-megapixel sensor and interchangeable lens - and there's not much else known. Stay tuned, though. Samsung's 20 June event is coming up fast.

leaked galaxy camera nx image and press shots surface with full body image 2

Update: Mobile chief JK Shin hinted recently that Samsung would soon announce an Android-powered mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, and then a leaked image of the Galaxy NX surfaced online today, but now press shots have also appeared on a Vietnamese tech site.

The device in the press shots has a mirrorless mount and three NX lenses. The camera's body looks like a DSLR, as well, rather than Samsung's compact system camera line-up. It also has a large touchscreen, shutter release, video capture button, and dial and a pop-up flash release. It supposedly even includes a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, ISO sensitivity at 25,600, 1080p video capture and Android 4.2.

Writing by Elyse Betters.