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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's going in hard when it comes to camera connectivity, with all its new compacts coming loaded with Wi-Fi, including the WB800F model.

The WB800F is fairly large in the hand because of the considerable 21x optical zoom lens. We're not talking superzoom kind of bulk, but as the lens offers a 23-484mm equivalent zoom it's definitely got some size to it and protrudes right out when at its maximum zoom. Operation is smooth throughout the range, which is controlled by the zoom toggle on top of the camera.

Pocket-lintsamsung wb800f pictures and hands on image 3

But it's the Wi-Fi that will grab most attention. The camera can sync with Wi-Fi networks or directly to a smartphone for immediate sharing. And like other Samsung implementations it's pretty swift to work - we shared a batch of images to Samsung's Smart Camera iPad application in seconds.

As the camera has a touchscreen it's extra easy to tap the sharing method, while a virtual keyboard makes equally light work of tapping in passwords and the like. Well, we assume it will - Samsung already had everything paired and ready to go at the show so the password part we got to bypass.

The white version of the WB800F that we handled is certainly quite the looker, but whether its image quality will have the same sheen as the camera's exterior is something we've not been able to check as yet.

Writing by Mike Lowe.