Samsung appears to have inadvertently revealed the names of two yet to be unveiled Android mirrorless cameras on its website.

The names of the Samsung NX-R and Samsung NX300 both appear on the ‘Find Your Product’ list on the manufacturer’s website. However, where clicking on other products in the list provides user manuals and software information, both the Samsung NX-R and Samsung NX300 state, “No downloads are currently available.”

Subsequently not a lot is known about the two cameras, though there is speculation that the Samsung NX-R is thought to be the next-gen version of the Samsung NX20 - adding the Android platform into the mix. The Samsung NX300 is said to be the follow-up to the NX210, which is said to add an optional "electronic and optical viewfinder" that the company is working on. 

Of course, Samsung has already unveiled one Android-powered snapper in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Camera at IFA, so it comes as no surprise that the company is looking to further its Android range, even this soon.

Samsung also hinted back in August that not only would we be seeing more Android cameras from them, but that a Windows 8 device could be in the pipeline too.