The Samsung Galaxy Camera will not be the company's last Android snapper, one of its head honchos has revealed. There may be slightly modified versions of the device launched at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event in Berlin, Germany. And there may be future models will larger sensors.

Speaking to Photography Blog, SH Lim, vice-president of Samsung Digital Imaging, also explained that the newly launched model will hit stores in October for £399.

The VP also said that there could be future plans to release a Windows 8 camera. When asked if such a thing would be possible, Mr Lim replied: "Good question. Maybe."

However, the company will be sticking with Android for now. "Android is the most popular current OS, so we will focus on that at the moment," he said.

Any future products will come down to consumer demand: if the Samsung Galaxy Camera sells well, the company will definitely look to follow it up with upgrades.

That's not to say that early adopters will be left behind. Thanks to the Android operating system, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, Samsung will be releasing software upgrades for the first Galaxy Camera. They'll come via the wireless connection OTA (over the air), Lim revealed.