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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung could be about to launch an Android-based compact camera, if rumours are to be believed. Known as the Samsung Galaxy S camera, we could see the new device launched at IFA 2012 this week.

The information comes from GSMArena, but the source is an anonymous tipster, so there's no saying whether this information will prove true or not. 

Details are scant; it's suggested the Samsung Galaxy camera will feature a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. 

The device is said to be about "1.5 to 2 times thicker than an S III" and feature a 16-megapixel sensor with a 10x optical zoom. Wi-Fi and 3G variants are said to be on the cards, although we can't see this flying with 3G. 

It sounds a little far fetched, but Android is making its way into cameras and let's think about it: Samsung has a digital imaging business and if anyone is going to crack the Android camera, it could well be Samsung, given its success with its Galaxy devices. 

Nikon has just launched the Coolpix S800c a compact camera running on Android. We're yet to see the camera, but at first glance, we can't help thinking that it really needs some customisation to the interface to make it a really exciting user experience.

With more experience on mobile devices, Samsung is better placed to develop an interface that would be really exciting, so we don't think that side of things is too implausible. 

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But let's think about size for a moment. The SGS3 is 8.8mm think, so let's say the Samsung Galaxy camera swells to 16mm - that's incredibly thin for a compact with a 10x optical zoom lens; 20mm is more the norm, unless there's some other magic under the hood.

The other consideration is battery life. Compact cameras typically have something like a 3-inch display on the rear. A huge leap up to 4.8-inches would have an impact on the battery performance, especially if you're also powering a Xenon flash and Wi-Fi, and presumably all those background apps. 

Of course, seamless integration with your Android device when mobile - access to a world of photography apps and boundless social sharing - are the benefits to be had, if you think the imaging advantages will take you over and above what your phone already offers.

Hopefully, the device would look nothing like our awful Photoshop effort above. 

Of course, Pocket-lint will be at the IFA show in Berlin to dispel rumours and bring you the facts. Bookmark our IFA 2012 homepage to keep up with all the action as it happens.

Writing by Chris Hall.