The Samsung NX20 recently landed on this Pocket-Linter's desk. And after a long weekend of playing around with this 20.3-megapixel compact system camera, we thought it only right to show some sample images to the world.

Samsung's Olympus-OM-D-challenging compact system camera ups the previous NX10's megapixel count by a country mile, matching the existing Samsung NX200 in resolution terms.

We were already rather impressed with the NX200's image quality, and the NX20 looks to follow suit.

In the gallery below are images in their original compositional form and 1000-pixel crops at a 100 per cent scale to help provide a true representation of what the files are like from this camera. We've shot up and down the ISO scale too, just to see how the camera performs at those all important high sensitivities. 

We'll be testing the NX20 thoroughly and our full review will be online in the very near future. 

So until then have a look over these handful of JPEG shots. If you have any specific questions or requests then pop them into the comment box below and we'll do our best to answer or post specific image examples...