It's been a busy day, camera-launch wise, and now Samsung has weighed in with a couple of new efforts of its own - the "stylish compacts" PL20 and ES80.

Starting with the PL20 (because we like the initials, okay?) the point and shooter packs a 14-megapixel sensor, has a 27mm wide angle and a 5x optical zoom, plus 720p HD movie (24fps) recording and digital image stabilisation (DIS).

The ES80 also packs the DIS tech in, but loses the 720p video shooting and has a couple of megapixels less at 12. It does have the 5x optical zoom though.

"The PL20 and ES80 are fantastic point-and-shoot cameras, designed to create a fun and easy photography experience which can be enjoyed by everyone," said Hyunho Chung, executive vice president and head of the Digital Imaging Business at Samsung Electronics.

"Together they make taking great pictures simple and fun for any photographer, and are driven by our desire to add value for users while retaining an affordable price."

So, what is that affordable price? Well, no UK details yet but Stateside the PL20 will cost $119.99 (and is out next month) and the ES80 $20 less than that at $99.99 (and is out in April). They'll both come in four colours - silver, red, pink and black.

Update: We've received word that the PL20 will cost £99.99 in the UK.