Samsung has just dropped a camera payload in the form of five new compact cameras., which it hopes will keep fashion-conscious party goers happy for quite some time.

We'll crack straight on into the various offerings which include the Samsung ST30, the ST6500, and the colourful ST95, ST90 and ST65.

First up is the  10.1-megapixel ST30, which comes in a super-compact form factor, and looks to be about the same size as a smartphone, meaning it should be ideal to stuff in a handbag or pocket. A 28mm lens and 3x optical zoom, as well as image stabilization should also mean that it will take usable photos in its targeted environment - parties.

There's also face detection and Red-eye fix to aid any drunken snapper or snappee.

Next up we have the ST6500, which gets a 16-megapixel sensor and 5x zoom. However it is the design which is the main thread of the release, as Samsung puts it:

"The ST6500 incorporates the latest angled design, with the camera’s body curved around the lens and angled at 7 degrees to make for a more ergonomic fit in the hand, an innovative step away from the conventionally designed models available in the market. The overall design helps ensure that creative images are perfectly captured, as the camera fits effortlessly in the user’s hand, giving increased usability and complementing the high-quality finish with a smooth, fluid curve. The high-performing, stylish design means the ST6500 is the camera that lets you make a style statement at the latest party or social event".

So along with a 26mm wide angle lens and 720p HD movie capture there's some pretty run of the mill features; looking like a case of style over substance for the ST6500.

Finally we have a trio of ultra compacts, though not quite as compact as the ST30. The ST95 is a 16-megapixel effort, whilst the  ST90 and ST65 come with 14. All get a 5x optical zoom lenses and wad of scene modes.

The angle with these three is, again more on the style front than the substance as particular mention is made of the "variety of fashion leading color options" available. Although all three get 720p video shooting and some snazzy effects like tilt shift and fish eye.

All in all a bit of an odd one from Samsung then as none of the cameras scream innovation, and rather puts the focus on the camera frills rather than features.

The ST30 and ST6500 will be out in March and cost £89.99 and £199.99 respectively, whilst the ST95, ST90 and ST65 will all get February launches and be priced between £129.99 and £179.99.