You'll need a photographic memory to remember all of the cameras that Samsung has launched at CES 2011.

By our counting, we're up to 537 now, although numbers never were our strong point.

Whatever the actual figure is, there are two more to add to the list - the compact high zoom, wide angle models WB210 and PL210.

The WB210 is the more feature packed of the two, although both are 14-megapixel models and are capable of shooting 720p HD video.

Where the WB210 earns its stripes though, is that it has a 12x optical zoom, compared to a 10x one on the PL210, and a 3.5-inch touchscreen instead of a 3-inch non-touchscreen. It also has a 21mm super wide shot mode for panoramic or landscape shots.

Both cameras have Samsung's next-gen Smart Filter 2.0 tech built in, that lets you change the mood of your images and movies including; soft focus, half tone dot effect, old movie and an enhanced movie filter as well.

Available next month, the US prices have been confirmed as $279.99 for the WB210 and $199.99 for the PL210.

The pictures are of the WB210, there aren't any images of the PL210 available yet.