Samsung has added three new models to its DualView camera range, the ST700, PL170 and the PL120.

All three cameras have a front facing LCD screen to make self-snaps easier, with the ST700 having a 1.8-inch one as opposed to a 1.5-inch one on the other two.

The ST700 and PL170 both have 3-inch displays on the back (the ST700's is touchscreen) and the PL120 has a 2.7-inch one.

They all feature 5x optical zooms, and the megapixel count is 16.1 for the top two and 14.2 for the PL120. They can all shoot 720p HD video.

"Last year we introduced dual screen technology on many more of our products such as the ST600 and ST100," said Hyunho Chung, EVP and head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics.

"In 2011, we will do the same, while also showcasing our innovation with the unprecedented ST700, simply the best dual screen camera we have ever made. We look forward to these products improving our customers’ lives in the same way that they have helped us to grow our market share over the past two years, and we will continue to innovate to make sure we have complete ownership of this area of the market."

Out in March the ST700 will cost $279.99, the PL170 $199.99 and the PL120 $149.99.