Samsung is slowly trickling out the details of all of its CES launch cameras, and the latest to be unveiled is the Wi-Fi touting Samsung SH100.

This 14.2-megapixel camera, which can also shoot 720p HD video, has a f4.7-23.5mm (f26∼130m 35mm film equivalent) lens, a 5x optical zoom and a 3-inch LCD screen for watching back all that you've captured.

But if you're not happy with looking back on the small screen you can fire over your footage to your HDTV using the Wi-Fi connectivity and its DNLA compatibility.

The Wi-Fi feature also allows for a neat little party piece with your Samsung Galaxy S phone, whereby you can use the phone's display as a viewfinder, so no more running to and from the camera after setting a timer.

You can also automatically back up your images and videos (making use of the free Boingo access on the go) or send them instantly to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube or Photo Bucket.

Available in March, the US price has been set at $199.99, although we're yet to hear anything regarding a price in good old fashioned pound sterling.

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